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The fees charged to parents are based on whether a parent is entitled to a subsidy through any of the government schemes.

Our Extended Full (9+hours) day care costs €35 per day.

Full day (up to 9 hours) care costs €32.00 per full day for children over 1 year and €33.00 per full day for children under 1 year old. 

These are the full rate before any subsidy is applied . Please see various schemes below to see if eligible / relevant to you. 

Please talk to us at the creche and we will advise as to which scheme you are eligible for and which works out best for you. 


This scheme entitles children who are 2 years 8 months to a free 2 years of ECCE scheme. This scheme operates from 9am-12 noon for 183 days a year. 
parents fill in parental declaration forms once the service receives them from government.


The National Childcare Scheme entitles parents to have their fees subsidised. Parents can either apply for universal subsidy which is available for children until they turn 3. Alternatively parents can get means tested which may result in a higher subsidy. 
Parents apply on  and they receive a code which they bring to creche who then use code to access subsidy. Parents must then confirm their subsidy.


This is similar to the CCS scheme as it provides subsidies to parents in receipt of social welfare payments or who have a medical card or GP visit card. It is under this scheme we can apply for the universal subsidy (affordable Childcare scheme) which entitles parents of children under age of 3 to a subsidy of €4.00 per full day or €2.00 per half day if not in receipt of any other subsidies.

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